FriendsMaking friends is something that many students worry about, it's often a big thing to think about when moving to a university even when it's only local. Many students your age worry about having to make new friends and yes you do have to make new friends but no, you don't have to worry. No matter who you are and what you're like, university is full of people like You. Whether you are cool, uncool, rich or poor there is always someone out there who can relate to the way you think and the way you are feeling. The world is full of different people, University is the same.

Making friends is very important, you have to make friends as it is part of your growing up and as it is a part of developing your social skills with others. When you are sharing student accomidation, you have to make friends with the others around you and that is not easy but if you can just manage to be confident and smile then you shouldn't have any problems with this.

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Last modified: Wednesday, 20 July 2011, 9:47 AM