Can I work and study?Can I work and study?

Most students face a certain amount of financial pressure during their course, despite the Student Loan, so you may need to find some means of ‘earning while learning’. Significant numbers of undergraduate students work during term-time.  You will, of course, have to fit in work around your lecture time-table.

You can use the evidence of transferable skills you have developed to improve your CV and employment applications. Many universities have set up Student Job Shops within their Careers/Student services to help students find suitable employment both on-campus (e.g. open days helper/ambassador and working for their ‘temp bank’) as well as off-campus opportunities with local employers.

Many college students currently work for national organisations e.g. the major supermarket chains or retail whereby it is quite common to arrange a term-time transfer to your university town, sometimes retaining your holiday time at your local branch.

Whilst undertaking some form of paid work experience can be of considerable benefit when job-hunting at the end of your course as well as helping to keep a healthy bank balance, that's not the only benefit as graduate employers are looking for evidence that students have done more than just a degree at university and work experience gives them an excellent opportunity to develop the skills employers look for in their new graduates. Students must be sensible about a study V work V social-life balance and not jeopardise their academic achievement for the sake of earning a few more £££s. Clearly working until the early hours of the morning is not conducive to being attentive at a 9 am lecture!




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