Can I change course once I’m at university?

Can I change course once I get there?

If, even after all the research you’ve done, you make a mistake and find that you are on a course that you do not really enjoy or does not live up to your expectations there may be opportunities to change. Time limits will be set by institutions and it may be that you have to start afresh the following year either at the same university or a different one. And be careful: there may be financial implications if you do want to do this.

Speak to your Personal Tutor in your Uni Department/Faculty.

In-depth advice, information, job opportunities and useful links on all aspects of graduate careers is available on: and from the careers department on each university’s campus. The Graduate Recruitment Bureau is self-described as the ‘employment agency for graduates’: The Associate of Graduate Recruiters is a body of employers who recruit graduates specifically. They provide information on trends of employment etc regularly and their findings can be found on:

70% of employers surveyed by the AGR* (Associate of Graduate Recruiters) agreed that degree results alone are not the best measure of employment potential. “21st century graduates need to demonstrate to employers that they can ‘hit the ground running’. In addition to working hard to gain a good degree, students should engage in extracurricular activities and obtain work experience in order to develop skills that will make them better prepared for the world of work. It is also important for students to become self-aware and develop the confidence to market themselves effectively when the time comes to apply for jobs”. (*Published by AGR: Associate of Graduate Recruiters)

A recent survey of employers recruiting graduates showed that they look for six essential skills:

  • Planning
  • Negotiating
  • Commercial Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Self-awareness
  • Influencing

Career Planning for University

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