What can university do for ME?

What can University do for me?

  • Improve your employment chances- Many employers favour graduates and many professions demand a relevant degree whilst around 40% of employers don’t care what your degree is in, they just value the wider skills learnt from studying/achieving it.

  • Gain valuable skills- That will look great on your CV such as IT, research and analysis, teamwork, problem-solving, proven readiness to work hard, time management, communication and presentation skills. Gaining in confidence, knowledge and independence.

  • Do what you love doing- Here are thousands of degree programmes for every interest: sport, music, science, all areas of healthcare, technology, fashion, languages, marketing/events, arts, business, engineering etc.

  • Have a good time- The social life at university is a big part of under-graduate life. Student Unions arrange a wide range of social activities and each university offers countless sports facilities, clubs and societies you can join. You will make loads of new friends from all around the world and from many different backgrounds.

  • Receive lots of support- Universities provide students with all sorts of support including Personal Tutors, job shops/volunteering & careers centres, advice centres, counselling, accommodation service, disability support, chaplaincy/inter-faith, financial aid etc

  • Have everything on your doorstep- Most universities have student accommodation (halls of residence), gyms and other sports facilities, banks, medical & dental practices, bars, nightclubs, cafes, shops and restaurants, job/volunteering shop all based on-campus.




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