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    Welcome to Totton College's e-learning section. Here you can find tools, materials, instructions and tips to help you use ICT more effectively in and around the classroom. Every feature on this page is FREE and Matt can help you install it on your i-Learn page. For a bit of inspiration start with the video below.



    Definitely have a look at the social feed below; this is a Totton College innovation and may go a long way towards encouraging learners to use your page.



    Don't forget the potential of technology when it comes to AfL. You can embed a simple poll like the one below into your course units and keep an up-to-date record of how students are finding the current unit or topic.


    How are you feeling about this e-learning stuff so far?
    Loving it. Totally get it. In fact I loved this more than Game of Thrones.
    Hmm, getting there I think.....
    Sorry dude, clueless

    Poll Maker


    If your students complete these regularly and you have a Poll Maker account you can even track graphically how student understanding changed over time.