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      Job Seeking Logo The Job Seeking Guide should tell you everything you need to know about job seeking, all the way from applying to getting the job. This page is also linked to The Student Interview Guide.

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        Student Interview Guide
        The Student Interview Guide should tell you everything you need to know about all different kinds of Interviews. Take a read through and be a winner !
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          Gap Year GuideThe Student GAP Year Guide is a facility set up by Student Services at Totton College and is aimed at broadening student perspective in order to help them find what they want to do whilst in their GAP year.

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            Work Experience GuideThe Work Experience Guide is an online facility created by Student Services, it has been set up to help students who attend Totton College to find work experience.

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              Job Shop Logo The Students 1st Job Shop is here to help you find a job or a placement for when you leave college. This page contains Job Posts, Company Links, Careers Advice and Much More!

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                He GuideThe HE Student Guide will tell you everything you need to know about Higher Education. This Guide includes information from all areas including: Application Forms, Accommodation, Student Funding and Support.

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                  Careers Bulletin

                  The Careers Bulletin is full of useful opportunities such as part time and full time jobs, gap year, work experience and volunteering opportunities, together with various university visits, all designed to help you make decisions about your future and get a job or a place at university by boosting your CV, job or university application. Click on the link below for the latest edition.

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                    Careers Box

                    Careersbox is a free online library of careers related film, news and information. As the preferred digital new media partner's for the Institute of Career Guidance, the largest careers body in the UK, Careersbox aim is to deliver the right information at the right time to careers advisers and job seekers.

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                      IYC Logo

                      If you are looking for voluntary work to support your application to a Social Work or Youth Work focussed degree programme, have a look at Its Your Choice. They have bases in Totton, Fordingbridge, Holbury and New Milton and could offer more accessible options to some Access students.

                      For more info, E-mail, Call their Office Line on 023 8086 4231 or you can take a look at their website on:

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                        Bright Knowledge

                        Bright Knowledge - The essential guide to education, careers and student life.

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                 - For Gap years, foundation degree programs, apprenticeship vacancies, gap year jobs, distance learning courses and more.